First passport is one of the best feeling ever, it is like a one of the best thing, which we received offering a sense of pure excitement. There are many facts about passport that you should know, here is the list that you may not know about your passport-very essential, some just fun.

1) World’s most powerful passport in 2019

According to the Henley Passport Index, Japan retained its top spot as the world’s most powerful passport in 2019. This country has become the world’s most travel-friendly passport or Driver’s License as it has the document’s access to 190 countries.

2) Passports of different countries have cool secret features:

Many countries have different secrets features in their passports , like Canadian passport has some amazing secrets that you can only see only under a black light .In July 2013, the Canadian government released a new passport with a host of upgraded hidden  security SSN features , that most of us aren’t even aware of including an electronic chip.

Another example of Norway Passport, which has revealed the result of a competition to design the country’s new passport .When placed under a UV lamp, its pages reveal secret images of the Northern Lights, which are possibly too beautiful to spoil with smudgy visa stamps. U.S. passport has around 30 different security features

3) Sometimes getting a visa may take more time than you think.

Getting a visa and applying for one can be among the most complicated document transactions you will ever encounter. Many countries have multiple types of visa, like tourist, work student, business visas, and the application process times can vary for each.

4) Selfies aren’t allowed — for now:

When it comes to photographfor passport, then we come to know that ‘selfie’ photograph is not allowed in a passport application .As per Customer guidance, Selfies are not allowed and that the photo needs to be taken from a distance of approximately 1.5m.

5) Things, not allowed while taking photograph for passport?

While taking a passport picture certain regulations have to be followed to get the size, image background and standard format for passport photos right or when you want to create and ID card. Like, one cannot wear a uniform on a passport picture caps, sunglasses. Wearing hats, and hair which is covering part of your face are not allowed. Check with your country’s requirements for passport photos.

6) Know the best time to renew your passport

Apply in the fall when fewer people need passports, so it can be beneficial for you as the processing times are quick in this duration. If you meet the criteria, you can conveniently renew your passport by mail as well as your residence permit. The stretch between September and December is the least busy time of year for the department so it can be the best time to renew your passport.

7)You can get an XL passport with extra pages — for free!

Under the current system, now travelers will no longer be able to request extra pages in their passports. Any U.S. travelers who need extra passport pages for visas can have them added in 24-page packets which you can request up to two packets at one time.

8)Not all “vacation” places require a passport

If your U.S. passport is expired and don’thave Vacation Goals, but no passport or you really want to travel outside the 50 states, Not to worry. The best news of all is, you don’t need to spend money  and time renewing your passport or standing in a customs line to visit the  getaway of your dreams.You do have some options; consider visiting a territory of the U.S., where your driver’s license will suffice for now. Incredible escapes you can take as soon as today, no passport required including Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands (St. Croix, St. John and St. Thomas), American Samoa, San Diego, California, the Northern Mariana Islands and Guam.

9)Sometimes “No day-of, no walk-ins” policies are flexible.

Many passport visa counters without an appointment, do not accept walk-in applications, and most say that same-day passports are not possible. Anecdotally, however, exceptions happen all the time, as based on comments from friends, colleagues and Internet strangers. If you show up and really need help you may find pity from a passport agency worker.

10)The color of the passport has significance

Usually Passports are one of the four colors – red, black green, and blue. Passports issued for countries in the EU tend to be red (as with countries who want to join the EU, such as Turkey), while those of Islamic countries like   Saudi Arabia,Morocco,and Pakistan, are often green.

10 Things You Should Know Before Buy a Passport

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